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A lesson that our organization learned from the 2005 hurricane season is that both landline and cellphone communication services may not be a reliable way for our employees and our organization to communicate with each other in a timely manner. U.S.mail delivery may also become unreliable in the event of either a natural or man made disaster. In the event that our organization is impacted by an emergency that causes our employees to evacuate their home area, our organization is providing an alternative and reliable mechanism for our employees and our organization to communicate with each other. In the event of an emergency, our employees can visit this 'Employee Information Center' and obtain the most current information available regarding the status of our organization. By 'registering' and providing our organization with your most current contact information, our organization will also be able to e-mail notices to you. This system will also enable our employees to send us e-mail messages as well as update their employee 'contact' information with our personnel department.

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